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22-Aug-2017 12:41

He says he is yet to receive the R25 per registration promised by the government.

Pic/Bipin Kokate Sudden, abrupt shutdown Forty-one-year-old Prakash Nadar, who ran a registration centre since June 2016, enabled with a ramp to add ease-of-access for the disabled, says he was asked to shut his centre a few months ago.

The fire department has neither been sympathetic nor helpful. Kavi ran a private registration centre in Ghatkopar West, and he pegs the investment for procuring kits from government shortlisted suppliers at Rs 80,000. In the six months that we ran, we registered 300 applicants," he adds.

Pics/Atul Kamble The government had invited private firms to open registration centres with the lure of a Rs 25 incentive per enrolment. On charging customers a certain amount, he counters that in addition to what setting up the centre cost him, he also had to pay a monthly salary of Rs 5,000 to two operators.

In the wake of news reports that have made Aadhaar registrations mandatory not just for operation of bank accounts post December 31, but also for school admissions, Iyer and his family have realised, like the rest of the city, that the number of centers where he can get himself registered have shrunk. In all of Mulund, there's just one centre and that accepts only 20 tokens a day," says Iyer, who runs a software development business.

"I was told by the person manning the centre that I need to come collect a token.

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He says, he still gets repeated inquries about Aadhaar registration since his number is still listed on the government site.The number of operational centres today stands at 51.