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However, it is uncertain whether the fibres produced can meet the processing requirements of conventional textile manufacturing.

This work reports for the first time the production of highly flexible and tough GO fibres that can be knitted using textile machinery.

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The GO fibres are made by using a dry-jet wet-spinning method, which allows drawing of the spinning solution (the GO dispersion) in several stages of the fibre spinning process.

The coagulation composition and spinning conditions are evaluated in detail, which led to the production of densely packed fibres with near-circular cross-sections and highly ordered GO domains.

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The drivers for these advancements are the ease of integration of fibres into textile research and that graphene and GO fibres provide value added properties for advanced applications.Textile research and development uses technology that has been around for many decades and is arguably one of the most feasible routes towards the development of multifunctional fabrics, including graphene-based wearable energy storage devices.This manual production method makes it difficult to assess as to whether the process can be adopted using textile machinery and if the fibres produced are able to meet the requirements of textile processing.The mechanical properties of GO fibres may be tailored to suit a desired application through careful control of the fibre spinning conditions.

In dry-jet wet-spinning of graphene nanoribbons (GNR), the introduction of an air gap between the spinneret and the coagulation bath resulted in superior mechanical properties due to the drawing of the jet (jet is herein referred to as the stable stream of spinning solution in air).However it was then reported that he replaced his nicotine obsession with an increased appetite for food.

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