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16-Nov-2017 10:22

The number of female contacts they have in their cellphones seems to be far more important to them and their egos, than that one special woman with whom he could create a lasting, committed relationship.And although they certainly want the physical sex, they do not want the emotional and vulnerability components that are required for a true relationship.I don’t want to hear men’s horror stories about other woman.I am not her, and isn’t everyone innocent until proven guilty?And it’s not always easy to date online, so let’s just air out the disappointments you’re probably feeling. I dislike the games, especially when people are not truthful.Next week, I’ll be posting about how to overcome these challenges and stay positive on your journey to find love.◊♦◊I polled my private Facebook group of almost 800 single women over 40 from all over the world about what they find most challenging about online dating. I’m not saying it’s just the men, I’m hearing horror stories about woman. The feeling of being judged, as in a “beauty” contest, because there are so many pictures to scroll through online.Even when I try to display good manners, it’s not always kindly received.I hate going on a first date with a man who has poor manners.

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I feel that what holds them back and is hurting both them and the dating process, is that men do not do their inner work to heal and move forward in positive, healthy ways.Feels to me that men have a new addiction—online dating instead of video games.