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Korda writes frankly of his experience and translates his sick-role ordeal into a read as artful as a novel.

Although few readers will have Korda's entree to the medical establishment, his clear and practical not-to-be-left-to-the-last-minute logistical advice, frank and informative presentation of his prostate cancer trials, and follow-up advice on support groups make this moving personal account highly recommended. James Swanton, Harlem Hospital Lib., New York Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc.

I strongly disagree with those who have labeled this book as instilling fear and being too melodramatic. It serves as one of about ten individuals I will consult who have had prostate cancer treatment.

I have prostate cancer and want to educate myself as fully as I'm able before I choose the type of treatment. I have consulted with six urologic specialists thus far and have at least one more to go before I make a decision.

Readers should not be put off by the author's fame and wealth as this may also have played a role in getting the book published in the first place.

Not all prostate patients can afford to do what the author did, but he deserves credit for clearly explaining everything in terms an average person can understand.

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