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However stressful and/or nervous you may feel the first thing you need to do is to try to relax and remain calm, by decreasing the tension in the situation communication becomes easier and rapport grows.Make sure the other person feels included but not interrogated during initial conversations.Although initial conversations can help us to relax, most rapport-building happens without words and through non-verbal communication channels.We create and maintain rapport subconsciously through matching non-verbal signals, including body positioning, body movements, eye contact, facial expressions and tone of voice with the other person.Personal relationships are easier to make and develop when there is a closer connection and understanding between the parties involved – i.e. The first task in successful interpersonal relationships is to attempt to build rapport.Building rapport is all about matching ourselves with another person.

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This page examines rapport and how it can be built, especially when meeting new people.

Where family is of utmost importance, finding someone who can communicate with them is a huge factor to consider in the dating world.… continue reading »

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