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In this tutorial I’ll try to demonstrate how implement a navigation drawer according to your customizations. Open the “Custom Drawer” class and update the class according to below code. To do that create a another class called “Drawer Item Click Listener” inside Main Or subscribe to your website using your email address to get instant email notification. The following tutorial demonstrates how to use fragments in a standard Android application. The application uses different number of fragments depending on portrait and landscape mode. Both fragments should be displayed both in landscape and portrait mode.If look at the navigation drawer sample application atwebsite, you can see it is a listview used to navigate through different fragments. Keep in mind class will be update when customizing the navigation drawer. “Drawer Item Click Listener” class implements the “On Item Click Listener“. You can use the emulator controls to change the orientation of the emulator.“custom_drawer_item” is used for build a custom listview and other three fragment layout used for Fragment Views. Looking at the current set of android widgets I found the Gallery widget which has a lot of nice features such as fling and scrolling support, and also a nice algorithm for centring the images after a fling.[quote_box_center] package com.tutecentral.navigationdrawer; import There was definitely a lot here that I could re-use, and why re-write code.Due to this change, new APIs for android tabs were also released through the design support library recently. Clicking the row would display the Snack Bar with the text elements of that row. As I mention we have to update existing class and xml layouts to do this. So change the case statements to point correct selectable item.The main class used for displaying tabs through these new APIs is Android . Clicking the info will display a with information specific to that row. Text View; public class Custom Drawer Adapter extends Array Adapter Okay we are done with the adapter class now we need to update the “Main” class. public class Main Activity extends Activity { private Drawer Layout m Drawer Layout; private List View m Drawer List; private Action Bar Drawer Toggle m Drawer Toggle; private Char Sequence m Drawer Title; private Char Sequence m Title; Custom Drawer Adapter adapter; List(); m Title = m Drawer Title = get Title(); m Drawer Layout = (Drawer Layout) find View By Id(drawer_layout); m Drawer List = (List View) find View By Id(left_drawer); m Drawer Drawer Shadow(R.drawable.drawer_shadow, Gravity Compat. // Add Drawer Item to data List // Add Drawer Item to data List data List.add(new Drawer Item("Message", R.drawable.ic_action_email)); data List.add(new Drawer Item("Likes", R.drawable.ic_action_good)); data List.add(new Drawer Item("Games", R.drawable.ic_action_gamepad)); data List.add(new Drawer Item("Lables", R.drawable.ic_action_labels)); data List.add(new Drawer Item("Search", R.drawable.ic_action_search)); data List.add(new Drawer Item("Cloud", R.drawable.ic_action_cloud)); data List.add(new Drawer Item("Camara", R.drawable.ic_action_camera)); data List.add(new Drawer Item("Video", R.drawable.ic_action_video)); data List.add(new Drawer Item("Groups", R.drawable.ic_action_group)); data List.add(new Drawer Item("Import & Export", R.drawable.ic_action_import_export)); data List.add(new Drawer Item("About", R.drawable.ic_action_about)); data List.add(new Drawer Item("Settings", R.drawable.ic_action_settings)); data List.add(new Drawer Item("Help", R.drawable.ic_action_help)); ... I’ll customize the navigation drawer by adding a Spinner View to select the user account and add some headers to the listview to categorize the list items (like youtube app). (Be careful you may get runtime errors if you update incorrectly.) I delete the 0,1 and 6 case statement and add new case statement for 14,15 and 16 positions . You can run this application in a emulator or in a real android device to see it in action.Tab type navigation mode is a very common design pattern among android apps. Let’s create a xml layout that presents the items in a row in a customised way. List View; public class Main Activity extends Activity You can download the basic navigation drawer sample code at end of this tutorial. You need to update this according to the “data List” item position.

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I’ll keep the Activity Name as “Main Activity” and Layout Name as “activity_main“. I'm not sure how well it would run on newer versions of hardware and the Android OS, but I can only assume that things should be better.

The Android is Google's mobile operating system, used for programming or developing digital devices (Smartphones, Tablets, Automobiles, TVs, Wear, Glass). In this method I’ll use a “switch-case” statement to get correct fragment. Action Bar Drawer Toggle; import Below you can download the source code for basic navigation drawer and custom navigation drawer.

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