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In fact, you've misread my post because you've imagined a comma where none exists. By the way, though I can't quite match your advanced years, I'm no spring chicken myself. Both have done much with sites such as Infernal Restraints and (? Ralphus - stumbled across "9 Days" several weeks ago on Amazon - failed to pull the trigger - one reason was, as you mentioned, a no name cast which is often suspect - the other was I simply did not find the victim all that appealing - "Vanished" is a new one on me and looks interesting - see what I can find out. I have never read or heard such a diversity of descriptions of sweat breaking out and running over a woman's body. You even celebrate the delights of a garnishing of fine, fair hair over a woman's limbs and a garnishing of down over her torso. With a title like that, there's no way Netflix would ever carry it... I see that IMDb describes it as "darkly comedic." That does not bode well.

When I write "children and old people who have no interest in sex," I mean something quite different than "children and old people, who have no interest in sex." In the former quote I am referring only to the children and old people who have no interest in sex, as opposed to those who do. Because many children have not yet developed that interest and many old people have lost it. Am I implying that all old people have no interest in sex? And conversely, there also are sorry buggers in their thirties who couldn't care less about it. Stay well all Ralphus and Sloth Vanished is an Australian revenge movie about a kidnapped little boy. Another under-celebrated aspect of a woman's sexual and erotic appeal. -------------------- Speaking of Netflix: Their streaming service, which I subscribed to, offers House of Whipcord. Just at the crucial moment, the screen turns black.

That's just less common - which is why I referenced the geezers as possible Group 1 members in Osouk's taxonomy. It is actually quite good unless, that is, you are looking solely for GIMP. We hear the whipping noises and the girl's reactions, but when the visuals return, it's all over.

(Oh, how much better that scene could/should have been! If those interested go to any of the Porn Tube sites with a BDSM section, there are any number of clips of these two available. TRG - thank you for another fine review - the lack of a tormentor in that one was odd but still a good effort. May I also welcome you to the site and say how much I enjoy your stories. In addition, you frequently describe, during the course of the story, the appearance of the victims body and the impact of the tortures on her body.

------------------------- Well, I finally got around to looking at the most recent episode of "Criminal Minds", the one that teased us in the preview with branding torture and BATS.Unfortunately, that's all it was, basically, a tease.A fairly attractive blonde lady is threatened with a hot branding poker to the face but the bad guy pulls it away before he can do any damage. show, Ralphus, showing the rocks being piled on the gimp but then after that no other gimp torture or gimp killing scene was shown.Let the fire at least build up for minute or two before the rescue. I like to picture myself in the place of the victims I see on this site and in films.

Sometimes I even tie myself up when no one is at home.

In a way, I envy you, because there's so much you likely haven't seen yet..would be great to be 18 and discovering this board for the first time.

We believe that she was very hurt by mean people and had some problems that she needed professionals to help her with.… continue reading »

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Pete Holmes leads semi-autobiographical series,  Crashing, about a novice navigating his way through New York's comedy scene.\r\n\r\n","video":,"type":"video","title":"He's Lost Everything but His Sense of Humor"},,],"hero":},"band":"Homepage Hero"}"Premieres Saturday at 8 PMThe Fate of the Furious Is a Wild Ride for the Weekend Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel and Charlize Theron star in the eighth installment of the hit franchise. Premieres Saturday at 8 PMThe Fate of the Furious Is a Wild Ride for the Weekend Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel and Charlize Theron star in the eighth installment of the hit franchise. The journalist will continue to document the abuse of power by individuals and institutions.\r\n\r\n","href":"/hbo-news/ronan-farrow-hbo-documentary-announcement","type":"text","title":"Ronan Farrow to Develop Investigative Specials for HBO"},,,,],"header":},"band":"Basic Card"}"PREMIERES SPRING 2018Michael B.… continue reading »

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